Sensory-Friendly Baby Toddler Shoes | Combed Cotton Material | Breathable and Sweat-Absorbent | Cute Design | Main Material: Cotton

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Color: Black bow tie

Black bow tie
Brick red
Brown eyes
Cartoon grey snake
Iron Gray
Striped glasses
White bow tie
White eyes
iron gray

Kid Sock Size: L

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Introducing our high-quality Baby Toddler Shoes, designed with comfort and functionality in mind.

Crafted from combed cotton material, these shoes offer breathability and sweat absorbency, ensuring your baby's feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. The mesh craft enhances ventilation, providing additional airflow for optimal comfort. Available in plain and composite patterns, these shoes feature cute elements, adding charm to your baby's outfit.

With a Class A security level, you can trust the safety and quality of these shoes for your little one.

Product Sellpoints:

Sensory-Friendly Material: Made from combed cotton, these shoes provide a soft and gentle feel against your baby's skin, suitable for sensory-sensitive individuals. Score: 9/10

Breathable and Sweat-Absorbent: The mesh craft and combed cotton material offer breathability and sweat-absorbency, keeping your baby's feet dry and comfortable. Score: 9/10

Cute Design: Featuring cute elements, these shoes add charm to your baby's outfit, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Score: 9/10

Safety Assurance: With a Class A security level, these shoes meet safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for parents. Score: 9/10


Children's Socks Category: Floor socks, provide comfort and protection for your baby's feet. Score: 9/10

Children's Socks Material: Made from combed cotton, ensuring softness and breathability. Score: 9/10

Children's Socks Craft: Mesh craft enhances ventilation, promoting airflow for optimal comfort. Score: 9/10

 Children's Socks Function: Breathable and sweat-absorbent, keeping your baby's feet dry and comfortable. Score: 9/10

 Pattern: Available in plain and composite patterns, adding variety to your baby's wardrobe. Score: 9/10

Element: Cute design adds charm to your baby's outfit, making them stand out. Score: 9/10

Main Fabric Composition: Made from cotton, ensuring quality and comfort. Score: 9/10 Security Level: Class A security level ensures safety and quality standards are met. Score: 9/10

Children's Socks Size: Available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL) to accommodate different foot lengths. Score: 9/10

Package Content:

1 x Shoe, providing a complete footwear solution for your baby's needs.

Package Content:

1 x Shoe

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Black bow tie, Brick red, Brown eyes, Cartoon grey snake, Chocolate, Iron Gray, Striped glasses, White bow tie, White eyes, black, iron gray, turmeric

Kid Sock Size

L, M, S, XL